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In homes, offices, retail spaces, schools and anywhere
in between, LLumar® window films are improving glass and
helping millions of people live in greater comfort and
safety while maintaining the aesthetic of their space.


LLumar® Decorative window film products will deliver an affordable and unique solution with stunning results. Bold graphic colours and distinctive designs bring retail spaces and commercial properties to life.

Durable decorative films can provide a custom look without the expense of glass replacement and can easily be updated when your tastes change. This flexibility is ideal for rental spaces where tenants’ requirements fluctuate. Designed primarily for interior applications, LLumar® decorative window film can mask light, add privacy or give a spark of colour to any space.

For a flexible design element with high impact, use coloured decorative films to enhance ambience or create definition within a larger space.


Glass-enclosed spaces create an open atmosphere, but frequently invite undesired attention from prying eyes.

Decorative and mirror films help minimise this effect and protect your privacy. One-way mirror films (in which people can see outward, but not inward) are also available.


  • Partial or full privacy protection.

  • Films maintain privacy while still enabling a clear view of the outside.

  • Up to 99% UV Protection


Function has never looked so good. Our decorative window films minimise visual intrusion, enhance design and reduce glare.

LLumar® decorative films offer a variety of cosmetic solutions to suit any project. Creatively crafted decorative window film ensures privacy without sacrificing natural light, while colours and patterns shield private spaces and make a bold design statement.

LLumar® decorative window film options let you strike the perfect balance between function and style, which makes it ideal for almost any application.


Frosted patterned films can be applied vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create stunning effects on existing glass.

LLumar® patterned films are available in a wide selection of classic and elegant patterns to compliment any décor.

Add style and privacy to glass partitions, conference rooms, banks, restaurants and health clubs with this versatile film series.

If your design calls for a custom look, you can achieve it with LLumar® Decorative Window Films.